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every batch from scratch!

We're a soap and bath product company that specializes in specialty soaps bar soaps, refresher sprays, bath bombs, lip balms, moisturizing lotions, and more.

All of our products are designed with down-to-Earth healing, and packed with love.

Meet our team

Our greatest joy (besides our families) is learning our products helped you as much as they have helped us. We take pride in making sure our quality is excellent.

Every batch from scratch and handmade with love, from us to you.

lisa alejos


oat goat

After many years of countless doctor visits, adverse reactions to medication, (some of them even causing paralysis and other life threatening reactions) I started searching for alternative solutions to help my mind and body heal.  I have multiple and complex health issues and as a result, I am not able to work outside the home.  My previous jobs are on my list of things I cannot do safely anymore. So my focus lately has been on healing and finding ways I can use my skills, knowledge, and abilities to extend that healing towards others. I have always been conscientious of helping others as much as I can. Now, by using my hobbies (baking and creating healthy products for aromatherapy and relaxation) I can assist in the healing process for others.  I knew I was physically limited to start my own business so I was inspired to ask two of my great friends with similar interests if they would be interested in working together to turn our hobbies into healing for ourselves and others. I am grateful and overwhelmingly blessed they decided to join me. Together we are able to inspire the greatness we all possess to create wholesome, healthy, and fun products for everyone to enjoy.

Tracey Penley


blissful relief

Growing up I was always interested in home remedies. I would read books my grandparents had  as I got older I was that person who was still interested but didn't believe in using herbs as medicine and had no idea that essential oils existed. Then about 11 years ago I discovered essential oils and a few of the uses. Well, my first use was in a water and vinegar mix to clean my floors. I fell in love and started what became my passion. Learning to use herbs and essential oils instead of relying on medications and chemicals for everything. I began making a muscle rub that helped myself and so many others more than any commercially produced one. As my education grew, so did my love for natural therapies. I developed a dream of one day being a full provider of all things essential oils and herbs. I even dreamed of opening a store front/practice to offer these things as well as education to others. It was hard to make it happen on my own but the dream was still there. Fast forward to 2020 when some friends suggested we start a business in this very area. There was divine inspiration that we should do it and help ourselves but more importantly help others with their needs. Now my dream is here, only slightly altered. But my heart is full knowing I have the opportunity to help others alongside 2 of my closest friends. Now my life has changed for the better. And I hope yours will be too.

Julie hirsch


rose soap

I began seeking natural remedies 20 years ago because I yearned for relief from anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I was a young mother and needed help to succeed. Oils, herbs and nutrition have greatly strengthened me while coping mentally and emotionally. Lavender and other oils balanced  my mind. Peppermint and citrus lifted emotionally when experiencing depression and hormonal shifts. I eagerly desire to lift others with the inspired products we create! 

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